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A Guide To Primer

By: E. Morgan

Although it is often the forgotten step of a makeup routine, applying primer can make a world of difference. Primer acts as a barrier between the skin and creates longevity within the products applied. Think of primer as the foundation to a home- it creates a firm base for the house to stand on. 


A common ingredient in most primers is silicone. Although the FDA approved silicone as safe for cosmetic use, many worry about the potential negative effects that could come from using silicone on a daily basis. If your skin is sensitive silicone may cause you to be prone to acne and breakouts. However water-based primers are a better alternative and offer the same smooth foundation with a clear conscience. 


Our favorite water-based primer provides an effortless makeup application. Enter coffeeface’s new 3-in-1 pad. Its velvet, easy to use, and blends effortlessly into the skin leaving you with the perfect canvas to start your routine with. If you are not planning on wearing makeup coffeeface benefits the skin by sloughing off dry and flakey skin, leaving you with a smooth and hydrated base. It is the perfect one-stop product that will clean your skin and quickly get you out the door and on your way. 

Coffeeface 3-in-1 pad is enriched with aloe and hyaluronic acid to hydrate your skin barrier and promote the fading of lines. While other primers conceal and cover blemishes, coffeeface actively treats imperfections leaving your skin with a healthy glow.