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About coffeeface®

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A coffeeface® Story

coffeeface® was created with a singular mission- to bring beauty lovers the innovative products their busy lifestyles demand. coffeeface was conceptualized by Manhattan beauty veteran Chris Coffee along with manufacturing expert Richard Flaster and celebrity makeup artist Jasen Kaplan. They created the first 3-in-1 Pad that has reimagined skincare. We strive to create a clean product with thoughtful sourcing and environmental responsibilities without sacrificing quality and longevity of the product. Our company is built upon our core values: customer first, environmental sustainability, innovation, and inclusion.
Our products embrace the diverse needs of the customer. Millions of people start their daily routine with a cup of coffee, and we hope to bring the addition of coffeeface® to their beauty routine. We know you will become addicted in a great way. We use the highest quality ingredients including stabilized caffeine and coffee extracts. Caffeine, when applied topically via skincare treatments, helps to reduce inflammation and puffiness. It also tightens and brightens the skin, reduces wrinkles and visibly smoothes away lines. The clean coffee extracts are a known antioxidant, something needed to purify our skin.
The brand team at coffeeface® is made up of specialized beauty industry veterans including: medical doctors, dermatologists, medspa owners, salon industry specialists, celebrity makeup artists, photographers and lifestyle gurus.

“But let me make it clear, we are not a gimmicky brand only for coffee lovers. We compete with and surpass the best of the best in any category of product quality and innovation." says founder Chris Coffee.
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coffeeface® wants to create a culture. We are not just another brand on a shelf. We aim to provide an inclusive community that does not exclude anyone. Coffee is a daily routine in millions of people's lives and so is coffeeface®. It is important that we provide a clean product with thought to our sourcing and environmental responsibilities, without sacrificing quality and longevity of the product itself. We feel a personal responsibility to reach high and set industry standards for the future.

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We are very proud of the fact that we have a diverse, specialized team that is made up of beauty industry veterans from doctors, medspa owners, salon industry workers, celebrity makeup artists, photographers and lifestyle gurus that help us make the strongest informed decisions in regards to our brand. They give us a unique edge on an innovation and professional standpoint.

"We know you will become addicted in a great way," says Coffee.

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