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What Kind of Exfoliator is Best?

By: E. Morgan

Exfoliation is a crucial step in maintaining a youthful glow and avoiding dullness, especially as the aging process takes its course. During everyday life, dead skin cells build up on the surface of our skin. While this is completely normal if one does not properly take care of their skin, oils, dirt, and makeup can add to the muck, in turn causing breakouts. The best way to avoid this pimple trap is to exfoliate, but with so many types to choose from it leaves us asking which is the safest and most efficient? 


There are many ways to exfoliate and you may find yourself overwhelmed at how differently each form takes shape. One of the most common types of exfoliation is in the form of a scrub. This is your typical tube that squirts out beads, common types include ground-up shells, fruit pits, or volcanic rock. Although this scratchy slough leaves you with the instant gratification of your skin feeling squeaky clean it is detrimental to your skin's barrier. The micro-tears that are caused by this activity slowly weaken the skin's barrier, making skin prone to drying, flaky patches, redness, and signs of sensitivity. If this practice is overdone over time one's skin loses its ability to restore itself and appear healthy. 


Another common application is chemical exfoliants which take a different approach to breaking down the grime on one's face. The average chemical exfoliator can come in the form of a bottle or even treatments that are provided by a dermatologist. While this group is not as abrasive as a scrub they typically contain Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs), and fruit enzymes. As an ingredient, the “Acids” tend to be less controlled and may damage your acid mantle, cause inflammation, or breakouts.


The coffeeface 3-in-1 pad takes a different technique to the process of exfoliation in the form of a paraben and fragrance-free compress. One of the unique characteristics is that it uses caffeine as one of the active ingredients to safely exfoliate one's skin without having to worry about the aftermath. Caffeine is a chemical-free agent that increases cell turnover through Arabica coffee. Other benefits include the promotion of a reduced appearance of lines and an even skin tone to prevent redness. It is also formulated with Aloe and Hyaluronic acids to combat inflammation and leave your skin feeling supple and hydrated.