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What Kind of Exfoliator is Best?

By: E. Morgan Exfoliation is a crucial step in maintaining a youthful glow and avoiding dullness, especially as the aging process takes its course. During everyday life, dead skin cells build up on the surface of our skin. While this is completely normal if one does not properly take care of their skin, oils, dirt, and makeup can add to the muck, in turn causing breakouts. The best way to avoid this pimple trap is to exfoliate, but with so many types to choose from it leaves us asking which is the safest and most efficient?    There are many ways to exfoliate and you may find yourself overwhelmed at how differently each form takes shape. One of the most...

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Why “Clean” Beauty Is Important

By: E. Morgan In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, many people have started to think about the sanitary aspect of their skincare in a way like never before. Many individuals have been routinely sanitizing handles, social distancing, and applying monstrous amounts of hand sanitizer. However, one aspect of our hygiene that often goes overlooked is our skincare.    According to the Environmental Working Group, the US has not passed a law in regards to the regulation of personal care and cosmetics since June 25, 1938. In the following years over 80,000 new ingredients/ chemicals have been launched into the forefront of the latest products hitting the market. A slim 10% of these agents have been tested for human safety. Although...

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A Guide To Primer

By: E. Morgan Although it is often the forgotten step of a makeup routine, applying primer can make a world of difference. Primer acts as a barrier between the skin and creates longevity within the products applied. Think of primer as the foundation to a home- it creates a firm base for the house to stand on.    A common ingredient in most primers is silicone. Although the FDA approved silicone as safe for cosmetic use, many worry about the potential negative effects that could come from using silicone on a daily basis. If your skin is sensitive silicone may cause you to be prone to acne and breakouts. However water-based primers are a better alternative and offer the same...

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